The Amazing Quest… Stampede Edition!Stampede Quest Team FunIf you and your clients are tired of the same old Stampede entertainment, then you’re in luck!

This fun romp through downtown Calgary will have your group laughing, learning and building connections that will make you “top of mind” with your clients, partners and employees.

And you’ll stand out from your competitors who fall back on the
same… old… threadbare events.

“The team building that you did for us…was the best team building with the most positive feedback that I have ever received in 20 years of organizing events for our Joint Industrial Council.  The class of the event was a step up from anything we have done before.  The guys talk about it even now.”
Dave Gray, Exxon Mobil

What Is It? (Hint…pure fun!)

Starting right from your office, or any other location in downtown Calgary, you’ll use compasses, smartphones, clues and riddles to navigate to different challenge locations in the downtown core. It is 1.5 to 3 hours of pure fun. (You choose how long)Team quest clue

And with a true Cowboy twist, you’ll find yourself searching for lost cows, crossing creeks, “chasing bison”, lassoing strays and much more!

With the wide variety of challenges, everyone has a chance to use their special talents and feel like a hero. You can even turn it into a friendly competition between teams.

You can choose to end the Quest at the downtown location of your choice. Maybe at a great pub for a joyful after-party. That way, the people who can’t come out for the Quest can still show up at the pub and enjoy the fun.

“Once again, you and your team have done an outstanding job in coordinating the activity for us. We had a blast!!”
Nancy Tang, Shell

Our Team Creates Magic for Your Group

The Team Building CrewOur facilitators are there to introduce the event, monitor the challenges and make sure everyone feels comfortable and has a great time!

“Your staff was terrific to work with. They were fun, outgoing, helpful and very organized.”
Joy Bowen-Eyre, Mcman Youth Family and Community Services.


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This Is Why Everyone Loves It…

Team Building CelebrationOur clients sometimes say, “Our group is hard to impress, how will you get them engaged?”

Don’t worry, we’ve been creating outstandingly successful team engagement events since 1992. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Our clients have found that even their “grumpy old men” and “jaded young hipsters” can’t resist the intrigue, challenge and pure fun of our finely crafted events.

“The many puzzles, challenges, problems and riddles that you wove together for our competitive teams kept them hustling down to the final whistle.”
Morgan Keith, Enbridge

Here’s a few of our delighted clients:

Sounds like just what we need, how much is it?

You could pay as little as $67/person for a group of over 30 people for the 1.5 hour version. That’s half the amount that we normally charge. And about half the cost of a round of golf! (but with a much higher ROI)

We can make it so economical because we know that the clients and partners you invite will love it so much that they’ll want to book one too. It’s win-win-win… 🙂

Great! Let’s Get The Ball Rolling!

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