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The Team Building Crew

Just Who Are You Dealing With Here??

These are the folks that make it happen for you. We are an eclectic bunch with amazing talents in many different fields. We are united by the joy we get from helping people and their organizations have more fun and get better results.

Depending on the type of program you book, you may work with just one of us or a whole bunch (gaggle? herd? squad?). You’ll find that our good spirits and sense of fun is infectious while knowing that you are being well taken care of by experienced professionals. No temp-agency fill-ins here!

facetrentsmlTrent Schumann

Trent is the owner of Mountain Quest. He left a career in corporate computer and change management consulting to pursue his dream of helping people and companies achieve their full potential. His time in large corporations gives him an “insider’s” ability to relate to the challenges faced by companies and the work teams that make them successful. He is the “idea guy” behind our innovative programs.

facelisasmlLisa Harrigan

Lisa has been part of the team for many years now. Her diverse background includes event management, fitness consulting, facilitation, modelling (yes, that’s a modelling pic :-P), fundraising and facebook marketing. In our team, she provides planning, logistics, event management and facilitation expertise. Her easygoing personality and ready smile helps our clients feel instantly at ease. Just don’t ask her to eat sushi. 😉


Cathy Anderson

Cathy is an exceptionally skilled coach and facilitator. We are proud to include her on our team for our valued clients. She brings clarity, compassion and a deep sense of presence to our team development events. More Cathy…


Stephen Hobbs

Steve has traveled the world (and still does) with his facilitation and organizational development skills. He has authored several books on team dynamics and personal effectiveness. It’s an impressive resume. But we love him for how much fun he brings to our team events when he’s there as a facilitator. More Steve…

And More!

Our list of “regulars” is full of skilled and fascinating people that we draw upon based upon your requirements. They are all doing great things in their own right and when they add their talents to your program, they bring it to the next level of awesome!