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You’ll love these…

More than just a great, bonding time with your colleagues. These team building events are professionally designed to exercise all the learning styles for maximum effect.

csi large fingerprintCSI: Crime Site Investigation™

A disturbed suspect, multiple crime scenes, blood, UV Lights, online clues, cryptic messages, unknown substances to test in a crime lab all contribute to this engaging and interactive program.

scav chestTeam Scaventure™

Discover the hidden secrets of the area while solving navigation puzzles, interacting with the locals, and completing fun and challenging team exercises.

minset facesMindSet™

Evaluate the personality styles of yourself and your colleagues using a simple yet surprisingly powerful assessment technique that you can later use to instantly determine the personality style of anyone you meet.

flowgamelogoThe Flow Game™

Your cell phone turns into a high tech direction finder as it guides you while you find clues, enter codes and navigate through mysterious circumstances.

hitech satelliteHigh Tech Urban Adventure Race

With GPSs, Compasses, Radio Homing Beacons and Smart Phones you combine your talents with leading edge technology for an unforgettable team experience.

maybe irisStop Dr. Maybe! Secret Agent Boot Camp.™

Dr. Maybe (the illegitimate son of Dr. No and Octopussy) has an insane plan to unleash a deadly virus on the world. Only you can stop him.

chef logoTitanium Chef Kitchen Party™

Don your chef’s hats and begin creating your culinary masterpieces to share with your colleagues. Under the expert guidance of a seasoned kitchen warrior.

volunteam logoVolunTeaming

Turn fun into good works. Your team will contribute to local worthwhile projects. One of our most popular versions is the “MicroProjects VolunTeamQuest”.

TrebuchetlogoCatapult Chaos™

Gather the parts then build and customize your catapult to prepare for the distance contest. An optional creativity component gets your right brain involved.

master logoTeam Masterpiece™

Unleash your inner artist as you and your team contribute to a grand work of art.

amq logoThe Amazing Quest™

Based upon the popular TV show, we’ve modified and improved upon the concept to make it perfect for groups.

skul logoMystery of the Crystal Skull™

The Mayan Crystal Skulls have long been a source of controversy and intrigue. Will you be able to solve the mystery once and for all?

junk dogJunkyard Dogsled™

Build a functional dogsled complete with tow lines and then compete with your team in the “Ice Worm Classic”.

sculp 1Snow Sculpture

Release your artistic side and create a frozen work of art. Snow is surprisingly easy to sculpt so the only limit is your imagination.

igloo 3Igloo Building

Learn the secrets of igloo architecture and build your own marvel of northern living.

salt logoAre You Worth Your Salt?™

Relive the days of the pioneers as you portage a canoe, light a fire, erect a teepee and many more traditional skills.