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Contact Us Today to Get the Ball Rolling!

When you contact us, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place for a professional, fun and effective team event. We’ll get right back to you with some great suggestions.

Operators are standing by! Not really, we don’t have “operators”. Trent will likely pick up the phone or answer your email in person.

So call or email!  (403) 270-0000  infonow@mountainquest.ca

But First… Read this:

We will be able to provide you with a much more tailored proposal if you include this information in your email or are prepared to discuss these when you call.

  1. How many participants will there be?
  2. When would you like the program to occur?
  3. Where would you like the program to occur?
    • Specific venue if you have that info. Otherwise, we’re happy to recommend locations that match your needs
  4. What is the composition of the group?
    • Executives, Managers, Technical, Front-line, Support, Whole Department?
  5. What is the reason for wanting to do this?
    • General fun and bonding, specific desired outcome, enhance team effectiveness?
  6. What is your budget?
    • <$80/person, $80-$130/person, $130-$190/person, >$190/person?
  7. Are there any mobility restrictions we should take into consideration?
    • Injuries? Wheelchairs?
  8. Are there any cultural norms we should take into consideration?
    • e.g. Physical touch? (Yes, this is from our own experience 😉
  9. Would you prefer indoor, outdoor or combination?
  10. Are there any specific learning outcomes you would like to achieve?
    • Communication, respect, diversity, camaraderie, vision, mission?