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You are traveling here as a team or you are the local branch of a multinational organisation.

You benefit from our global perspective combined with the best of the local experts, culture, geography and facilities. You can choose to have your program in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai or Russian.

You are a local company that wants to tap into our international experience.

You can enjoy one of our internationally-proven programs without having to travel. We’ll bring the best of the world to you! And don’t worry about language barriers. You can choose to have our programs in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai or Russian.

You want to make sure that everyone feels valued and included in your team building program.

Our team building programs are not only fun, exciting and challenging, they are also designed so that people from all ability levels and skill levels can feel like heroes. We provide a wide variety of activities including physical, creative, mental, intellectual and emotional so that everyone has a chance to shine.

You want your people to have a great experience with lasting benefits.

Most team building events go no farther than fun and bonding. Ours go beyond this, providing personal and group insights, learning, reflection and lasting improvements in personal and team performance. But don’t worry, it won’t get heavy. We keep it fun and exciting. The learning comes as a natural part of the program activities, without the need for a deep debrief. And, if you really do want to get into it, we are masters at teasing out the deeper learning in a delightful structured debrief.

You just want it handled right without having to worry about it.

From initial contact to post-program follow-up, we make it easy. From the first time we talk, you’ll know that you’re in the hands of experienced professionals who know how to make a program successful.

logonexen“As organizer of our team event I was responsible for booking the day with Trent Schumann. He made the process extremely easy and it was a pleasure working with him.”                   — Nexen Energy

You truly value your people and appreciate the power of a well-functioning team.

Early on, we sometimes worked with teams whose managers didn’t really get this concept. The participants knew that their managers were insincere. Although we were still able to make a difference, it was tough slogging and we knew that the next day they would be right back in the midst of a dysfunctional situation and everything would go back to the way it was. It was disheartening. But if you’ve made it this far into our homepage, we already know you’re not like this and we are excited to meet you and create some magic for your team.

Your participants are hard to impress.

This isn’t their first rodeo and they’ve probably seen the good, the bad and the ugly of team building programs. They may even be a bit jaded and cynical about the whole team building thing. We love this challenge. There is nothing better than seeing skeptical frowns and folded arms turn into broad smiles and open appreciation.

logoceaa“Excellent flow and time management. Flexible facilitation. Good work facilitating a group that is full of facilitator types.”
— S. LeRoy, Government of Canada

Your last team building event was kind of “meh” and you want to make sure this one rocks.

Our clients have told us some stories that make us cringe. Rafting gone wrong, “drop of doom” high ropes courses, paintball breaking out into hostilities, “bored room” games. It’s no wonder people get gun-shy about team building. Actually, all of these activities can produce great results when managed by an expert program leader. Unfortunately that’s sometimes not how they’re managed. We’re here to turn it around. Your program with us will rock.

You want to work with professionals who can bring a higher game to the table.

Because of our background in in-depth facilitation through out sister company, experienca, we understand the complex dynamics that create a high performance team. This helps us give you maximum benefit while avoiding the typical pitfalls that can turn a team building event into a disaster.

“At the last minute Trent was asked to do an introduction to team work from an organizational effectiveness perspective and a debrief of the day.  He took this request in stride and performed the task with ease and confidence.”

You don’t want goofy summer camp games.

Neither do we! That’s why our programs are insightful, professional and sophisticated. We are seasoned facilitators, not recent summer camp graduates. Rest assured, your participants will be quickly and fully engaged in the program and leave with smiles on their faces and a spring in their steps.

You invest in your people and appreciate the R.O.I. that a great team event can provide.

Strangely, the clients that use us the most actually need us the least! They are the ones that already understand the amazing leverage and ROI that comes from a healthy, high-performance team. Our clients normally budget between $95 and $500 per person depending on the impact they want and the resources they have. At the higher end, we can provide more customization, add amazing locations, organize cool transportation (did I hear someone say helicopters? ;-),  include options that require more personnel, and generally give the program more impact. At the lower end, we can still provide an amazing program at a budget price by choosing one of our less resource-intensive programs.


Hi, I’m Trent Schumann,

owner of Mountain Quest

facetrentsmlSince 1992, we’ve been helping companies celebrate success, increase morale, generate camaraderie and boost performance.